Southern Alliance for Clean Energy Action Fund (SACE Action Fund), the political arm of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE), is a non-partisan, non-profit (c4) organization striving to make clean energy solutions to climate change a top priority for our region’s elected leaders. SACE Action Fund engages in public education, legislative action and electoral accountability here in the Southeast.

There is an urgent need to address climate change impacts and unlock our untapped renewable energy resources to create new jobs, energy stability and reduce pollution. The majority of Americans believe that climate change is real and that humans are causing it, and they support clean energy solutions in overwhelming numbers.

The SACE Action Fund was proud to be a supporter of the vote-no-on-1-org-logo-v3-01-01NoOn1 fall 2016 campaign designed to oppose Amendment 1 on Florida’s November ballot — a deceptive amendment backed by the monopoly utilities, which sought to stifle solar power and keep Floridians captive power consumers. Learn more about Amendment 1 and the barriers it sought to erect in Florida here.